Cannabis Education: The Time Has Come!

Are You Cannaphobic?

Are you feeling ill-informed about the holistic properties and uses of cannabis? Are you searching for credible answers or worse,  are you completely cannaphobic?  If so, you’re not alone.

There are two kinds of people

   Those who understand & embrace the power of holistic cannabis
  and those who fear the unknown.

Which are you? Which do you want to be?

The new paradigm is here. The time is now! Get the insights & education you need to take your holistic health knowledge & skill-set to the next level. When it comes to taking personal control of your health and well being, there’s one tried and true natural source of healing that can no longer be denied.

The search for optimal health continues

In ancient times, cultures around the world understood the medicinal value of this ancient herb, yet today most people are misinformed and don’t really get it. Nor do they know how to truly harness the power of the plant to help prevent and heal common, chronic maladies.

As a healthcare practitioners, patients, and caregivers, we spend countless hours searching for proven, side-effect-free remedies for a multitude of health issues.

We take one pill for one symptom and another to counteract the unwanted side effects of the first pill and another to counteract the unacceptable side-effects of the second “remedy,” crossing our fingers that none are addictive.

We want to trust that what we have access to is the best solution available. But how can we know for sure? Simply hoping a source is credible and advice is sound can lead us down the wrong path. But there is a better solution.

Introducing: The Holistic Cannabis Academy

An Online Bootcamp Leading To Cannabis Competency

The time is now

Folks in states where medical marijuana is now legal are quickly learning that they have a better solution. One that is safe, valid, and side-effect-free – a true health and wellness alternative to pharmaceutical remedies.

Yet despite proof of its preventive and curative properties, this ancient herb – which was once held in the highest esteem by the most powerful and influential leaders in the world – has been vilified and kept from those of us who need it most. Worse, the misinformation and stigmatization continues. If you’re like many of us, you have detailed questions regarding holistic cannabis and need sound answers.

Holistic Cannabis Academy Co-founders Donna Shields and Laura Lagano

For example, you may wonder

  • How does the ancient, medicinal use of cannabis translate to your everyday health needs? Add an Auyrvedic component for a truly full holistic healing regimen.
  • How do cannabis laws and legislation impact and influence your medicinal cannabis use? Navigate the state-by-state patchwork of laws to use cannabis safely and legally.
  • What are cannabinoids and how does the human body utilize them to treat disease and maintain wellness? You will be amazed at the therapeutic possibilities for improving symptoms and feeling better.
  • What is clinical endocannabinoid tone and deficiency and how do you deal with it? No one talks about this but it’s a foundational concept for improving health.
  • What are the questions to ask when buying safe, quality cannabis products? Be a pro-active educated consumer when shopping at dispensary and know what you’re getting.
  • How do the anti-inflammatory benefits of cannabis help with a myriad of chronic health issues?  From sports injuries and arthritis to fibromyalgia, everyone has had a need to reduce inflammation.
  • How are the therapeutic aspects of cannabis enhanced when used in conjunction with other modalities such as nutrition, aromatherapy, yoga, acupuncture, breathwork, meditation, and more. The synergy of multiple treatments will get you feeling better, faster.
  • How do the medicinal properties of cannabis address cancer, stress, anxiety, and PTSD? Using cannabis for these chronic problems can mean reducing phamaceuticals and unwanted side effects.
  • How can cannabis alleviate chronic physical pain without the psychotropic effects? The topical use of cannabis means pain relief without the high.
    The sad fact is, you’re not alone.

Take The Next Step

Learn How You Can Become Cannabis Competent

Expertise is not an option

Knowledge gives you the power to help yourself, your friends, family, clients, and patients who desperately seek holistic cures and preventive medicine.

The question is – where and how do you obtain that knowledge to enhance your confidence to counsel your clients and make thoughtful recommendations?

When you’re able to obtain the knowledge and expertise you need from a reliable source, you and your clients will be empowered to act as your own change-agents. This is why we created the Holistic Cannabis Academy… to give you the insights, confidence and expertise you need to move forward. Finally, the time has come – you CAN become cannabis competent, helping to improve the health and wellness of those you know, love and work with.

Becoming truly comfortable integrating cannabis into your practice allows you to move beyond the status quo and step forward with confidence, managing everyone’s health and wellness!

Here’s What Happens

When You Become Cannabis Competent

Laura’s Story

Laura Lagano, a integrative clinical nutritionist, proud mom of 3, and co-founder of the Holistic Cannabis Academy discovered herself in a position familiar to many of us – her child, Isabella, faced numerous challenges including seizures, learning disabilities, ADHD, praxis challenges, and gut issues.

Following Isabella’s first seizure, which was 10 minutes long and her next which was 50 minutes (typically seizures are less than 1 minute), Laura did what most parents do. She put her daughter’s care in the hands of the conventional medical world. After all, the family had easy access to New York City medical experts.
What transpired was less – a lot less – than optimal.

Isabella’s seizures did stop, but not without severe behavioral, digestive, and other side effects. Guess what happened next? The good doctor recommended an anti-anxiety medication and when that med caused another side effect, a third pharmaceutical was added. Laura’s little girl was taking a cocktail of meds that created more health issues and made her into a zombie.

After a few months, Laura recovered from the shock of having a child with multiple health challenges and realized that she was part of Isabella’s healing. First, on the list of healing was, of course, food and nutrition. Check: Isabella’s seizures were resolved! Next up, a myriad to so-called alternative modalities including homeopathy, Reiki, craniosacral, integrative listening therapy, acupuncture, and more. Many of Isabella’s health issues were resolved, but her development stagnated at a plateau.

What made the difference?

You guessed it! CBD oil – an oil with high levels of cannabidiol, one of the key components of cannabis – catapulted Isabella to the next level. And, Isabella shows no signs of stopping. She’s on a positive developmental trajectory with a little help from an ancient plant – woohoo!

With this progressive knowledge and confidence, Laura was able to successfully guide Isabella on her journey toward wellness. What’s interesting about Laura’s situation is that it led her to understand that the pharmaceutical model combined with cannaphobia almost kept this from happening.

Online programs fit your schedule and your budget

Just imagine…

You or someone you know has been diagnosed with a serious health problem that impacts living every single day. You immediately ask, “What now? What are my options? What’s the best medicine to address symptoms and deal with this problem that interferes with life?”

In the past, you had to rely solely on a large team of physicians and conventional medicine to address your every symptom. Not only the symptoms derived from the condition itself, but the subsequent symptoms caused by the unintentional side-effects of those pharmaceuticals.

You now realize that cannabis is showing real promise in the treatment, management, and prevention of various chronic health issues. You decide – that’s it, I’m going to do some research and educate myself about the healing properties of cannabis. Your reading and research opens your eyes to new possibilities. With this exciting knowledge, you already feel more empowered, asking intelligent and thoughtful questions of your healthcare providers.

Imagine that you take this to the next level by enrolling in a holistic medical cannabis education program created by integrative clinicians with a background in health education and curriculum development, as well as producers of the 2016 online Holistic Cannabis Summit – a four-day event featuring 28 speakers that reached a worldwide audience of 16,000 participants. The Holistic Cannabis Academy curriculum is specifically designed for progressive practitioners and canna curious individuals. The curriculum is patterned after the most prestigious integrative medicine training programs, drawing from top-notch faculty and reflecting multiple holistic healing modalities.

And, imagine a comprehensive well-priced, online program that provides you with the action-oriented knowledge you need to contemplate alternative self-care and give sound, credible advice to your clients.

Get To Know Us!

Learn More About the Holistic Cannabis Network + Holistic Cannabis Academy

Cannabis education through the Holistic Cannabis Academy

Created by holistic professionals

Co-founded by two integrative registered dietitian nutritionists, the Holistic Cannabis Academy (HCA), a division of the Holistic Cannabis Network (HCN), has launched an online curriculum dedicated to the needs of progressive practitioners, caregivers, patients, and canna curious individuals.

Now imagine what it would be like to have the know-how and credentials you need to take your practice or personal healthcare to the next level?

What can you do once you become cannabis competent?

At the very least, you can care for your own health, managing decisions and intervention with confidence.

As a caregiver, you’ll feel empowered knowing you can pass along your progressive competency, sharing your knowledge and in turn, empowering your patients to proceed with confidence and a deep understanding of this medicinal herb.

As a healthcare practitioner, you can begin to market yourself a go-to-resource for clients in search of real answers from competent individuals. Your new forward-thinking credentials will give you the edge you need in this competitive world of holistic health, and help you jump-start your practice. More business can mean more income and a more satisfying career.

A growing demand for people like you!

To be sure, the demand for credible, reliable cannabis information is very real, and growing by leaps and bounds as more and more countries, states, and communities embrace the cannabis revolution.

From young children to senior citizens, healthcare consumers of all age are finding relief from chronic, debilitating conditions with holistic cannabis. Who can provide them with the professional guidance and advice they need when researching options? YOU can!

By achieving cannabis competency, you can truly be on the forefront of this new wave of holistic health, and make a difference in your life and the lives of those you touch.

How does the Holistic Cannabis Academy work?

The Academy offers two learning paths – certificate programs as a Holistic Cannabis Practitioner™ and a Holistic Cannabis Consultant.™

Comprehensive lectures are delivered by our Holistic Cannabis Academy faculty, leading medical cannabis experts, such as Dr. Ethan Russo of Phytecs, Dr. Joe Cohen of Holos Health, Dr. Michele Ross of IMPACT, Roy Upton of the American Herbal Pharmacopeia, Martin Lee of Project CBD, and many more.  Providing expertise on a wide variety of subjects, our faculty have come together to provide a one-of-a-kind holistic cannabis online curriculum just for you.

What makes this training and education program unique?

The Holistic Cannabis Academy is the only online holistic focused cannabis education program created specifically for consumers and clinicians like you!

  • Designed for holistic-minded practitioners, counselors, caregivers, and the canna curious who consider all aspects of health, wellness, and lifestyle
  • Offers a turnkey solution for YOU with materials and handouts for your clients – no more writing your own materials or searching the internet for credible information
  • Features leading medical cannabis clinicians and researchers who are also dynamic educators
  • Includes audio recordings and slides you can listen to and view anytime, anywhere on any device with an internet connection
  • Provides business-building and marketing tools for a turnkey program to help you showcase your new competency
  • Offers access to a private Facebook group for networking
  • Nationwide referral network to help clients to find YOU and your up-to-the-minute expertise – being built
  • Continuing education credits for various credentials – currently in progress

What benefits can I expect?

As a new Holistic Cannabis Practitioner or Consultant, you’ll

Get immediate access to this progressive curriculum ONLY available through the Holistic Cannabis Academy. With foundational know-how, you’ll gain the cannabis-confidence you need to succeed in this rapidly emerging area of medical cannabis. Take control of your person health. Empower those you care for and take your practice to new heights with marketable expertise.
Engage with like-minded individuals as a key member of our holistic cannabis community, spearheaded by co-founders, Laura Lagano, MS, RDN, CDN and Donna Shields, MS, RDN. Get to know and interact with other academy registrants and benefit from this unique, supportive network.
Position yourself as a progressive holistic cannabis health authority
It has been a long time coming, but it’s happening! 28 states plus the nation’s capital now have some type of medical cannabis legislation with other states continually examining this topic. This ancient healing plant is sweeping the nation and the world. As an innovative, cannabis-competent authority, you can benefit from this growing movement!

Why an online curriculum?

online medical marijuana education

With attendees from around the world, the convenience of online learning is unparalleled. Once registered for the Academy, you can login to access your curriculum and PDF downloads anytime, anywhere on any device. Our online Academy & Network communities offer you the opportunity to engage with other Academy members, as well with the co-founders, on our private Facebook page.

To date, over half the states in the US – plus the nation’s capital – now have some type of medical cannabis legislation with other states continually examining this topic. This ancient healing plant is making a comeback – finally taking its rightful place as a natural, holistic medicinal option around the world. As an innovative, cannabis-competent authority, you can benefit from this growing movement and help others do the same!

It’s time to join the revolution!