Battling Cannaphobia in the Tech Industry

Battling Cannaphobia in the Tech Industry


It’s called cannaphobia or cannabias, and many have experienced it. Cannaphobia occurs when a person holds an unreasoning fear or antipathy of cannabis and the people who use it. One tech startup is saying enough. Isaac Dietrich, founder of MassRoots, a social media platform for medicinal marijuana, is pushing back against cannabis prejudice in the tech sector.

“People in the Silicon Valley talk like they have these very progressive views, but when it comes to cannabis, they are really very regressive,” said Dietrich in an interview with Marijuana Business Daily.

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Deitrich made his comments following a controversy where Dell Computers declined to judge a high-profile contest among start-up companies after learning MassRoots – a cannabis-related company – was competing.

“Many tech companies, including household names like Facebook and Google, discriminate against marijuana companies by not allowing them to advertise on their sites. There’s a disconnect between tech leaders and the tech public on this issue. There needs to be public pressure put on these people to get things to change,” Dietrich said.  

MassRoots is reaching out to its database of roughly 725,000 subscribers and asking users to email and “put other forms of pressure on tech companies that have discriminatory views towards marijuana companies.”

See how one city came together to fight cannaphobia in this video.

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