A New Type of Green Juice!

Did you know that raw cannabis can be juiced into a cup for health benefits?

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Cannabis Marketing Association

June 15, 2016  6pm MT Navigating the marketing landscape in the cannabis industry is a painful process. The CMA is a collaborative group that aims to elevate the effectiveness of marketing for every company in the cannabis industry by exchanging ideas, best practices, and tools. Donna Shields, HCN co-founder, will present  “15,000 Leads: Creating An…

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Dietitians Step Up to Learn About Medical MJ

A creatively innovative dietitian group, Nutrition Entrepreneurs, embraced medical marijuana with HCN’s webinar, Cannabis Comes Out of the Closet: Dietitians, Get Up to Speed On This Healing Herb Or Get Left Behind!  If your health organization would like to schedule this webinar, click here to inquire.

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