Synthetic Cannabis Extremely Dangerous Vs. Marijuana, Driving Study Reveals

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Those in Favor of Using Cannabis to Treat and Prevent Degenerative Disease, Say EYE!

One thing’s for sure – getting old is never easy. In fact, it’s quite painful. How painful? According to a 2014 report published [...]

Synergy, Dosage + Hemp vs. Cannabis Oil

Synergy, Dosage + Hemp vs. Cannabis Oil You’ve got questions, we’ve got answers. Do you, like one of our current Academy students, have [...]

28 States Plus DC & Growing!

28 States Plus DC + Growing! Three cheers for another (not so) small step for cannabis legislation + one giant leap for progressive [...]

Cooking with Cannabis: The New Superfood Featuring Robyn Lawrence, Donna Shields and Jane West

On Tuesday, October 27th, 2015 Women Grow founder and national events director Jane West, who penned the foreword to The Cannabis Kitchen Cookbook, and [...]

Does cannabis enhance or diminish immunity?

For millions of people suffering from immunity-related illness and their healthcare providers, this, and other critical questions deserve thoughtful consideration and understanding. Why? [...]

Nine States Voting on Cannabis Regulations!

It’s about more than the Presidency! Nine States Voting on Cannabis Regulations Voting day is almost here, and voters in nine US states will [...]

Integrating Cannabis into Lifestyle: a Holistic Wellness Blueprint

The Marijuana for Medical Professionals 2016 Conference is coming to the Westin Hotel Downtown Denver on November 16th. We're excited. And YOU'RE INVITED! Come see me, Integrative [...]