Curated Cannabis Packages

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If You’re Not Yet Ready to Take our Signature Program, We Have Something for You!

We curated 23 modules from our Holistic Cannabis Practitioner program into 6 packages of 3-5 modules each, so you could sample our signature program in smaller chunks. Here’s the list of the Curated Cannabis Packages.

 Scott Brown, Functional Clinical Nutritionist, Medical Cannabis

"A natural progression in my studies in evidence based Complementary Medicine has been to gravitate towards the paradigm shifting medical model of Functional Medicine inclusive of the Medical Cannabis movement. What better place to get an education incorporating cutting edge clinical Cannabis research science blended with world wisdom tradition knowledge from a select range of leaders, professionals and guiding mentors within their fields, than the faculty of educators for the Holistic Cannabis Academy. The knowledge gained through the outstanding curriculum has enabled me to confidently launch into Medical Cannabis education to help develop within clinical practice using a truly progressive holistic health approach."

Scott Brown, Functional Clinical Nutritionist, Medical Cannabis, Australia