Does CBD Have a Place in Exercise Programs?

While CBD is typically thought of as a therapeutic tool for insomnia, pain or anxiety, the value of CBD is expanding to the fitness world. A recent article, “Can CBD Improve Your Fitness Results?”, published in US News & World Report tackled this very question.

The most important aspect of CBD for exercisers is its ability to reduce 
inflammation, especially in post work-out situations And while many products
are available online and in retail stores, it’s a challenge for consumers to know what to buy. Many CBD products are sold in isolate form which may not contain the same cannabinoids (and there are hundreds!) found in whole plant hemp derived products.

Right now, most CBD and fitness-related inflammation has been anecdotal, but not to be overlooked. Adding CBD, as a tincture or a topical, to a recovery program can be valuable when used in conjunction with other healing practices, like an anti-inflammatory diet and massage therapy.

What’s really interesting about the US News & World Report article is that a general news, mainstream publication is covering such an important 
topic, cannabinoid therapy within the fitness world, which hasn’t really been adequately discussed in the media. As we see more professional athletes speaking out against opioid abuse and finding relief with cannabis and CBD 
products, we’re likely to be getting more data and sound science to support cannabinoid use in exercise recovery.

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