Frequently Asked Questions

1. What’s the difference between the practitioner and consultant program?
The practitioner learning path (full 31 modules) is designed for those actively involved in some type of health career See the sample list of practitioners, on the main page of our site, who would qualify.This is not an exhaustive list so if you don’t see your practice area listed, just ask us). The consultant learning path (15 modules) is more appropriate for the care-giver working with clients, patients themselves or for those who simply want to deepen their knowledge in cannabis medicine

2. Is there a specific time-frame that each module and/or the entire program needs to be completed by?
The curriculum is designed so each student works at their own pace and time schedule. Modules are released two per week (except in Track III-only one per week due to the more intense clinical nature of the material). Once a module is released, you have access to it forever. There is also no time constraint for completing the entire program.

3. Once accepted & purchased, how long do we have to access to the contents of each module/program?
Released modules can be accessed at any time once you are a registered student.

4. Can the program be purchased &/or started at any time?
Yes, you can sign up and begin at anytime. We work on a rolling admission basis so you can join us when it fits your schedule, move through the curriculum as it fits your schedule and if you’re a practitioner, take the exam as it fits your schedule.

5. Is the Holistic Cannabis Academy available in Canada and other areas outside of the U.S. ?
Yes. The online Academy curriculum is available regardless of where you live or work. Cannabis science and education knows no geographic boundaries! You can register as any student would in the U.S.

6. Can i enroll in the Holistic Cannabis Academy if my state doesn’t currently support legalization ?
Of course! Our curriculum is educational and, as such, can be utilized in any state. If cannabis or CBD use is not yet legalized in your state, you can still be ahead of the curve by enrolling now. Legislation is moving swiftly across the U.S.

7. Are Holistic Cannabis Academy scholarships or payment options available?
Yes, payment options are available. Please see our tuition schedule for more information. Unfortunately at this time, we are not able to provide scholarships. We are forging new ground and as we build our business, we hope to address this in the future. We do offer payment plans for all our programs.

8. Do I have to be 21 years or older to enroll in the Academy?
No. There is no age requirement for enrolling in our program.

9. How long do I have to complete all of the modules in the Holistic Cannabis Academy?
Once modules are released, they are available for you to use on your own time schedule. We’ve designed the program to be flexible so there really aren’t any time constraints for completing the curriculum.

10. Are continuing education credits available for health professionals?
We are in the process of applying for CEU’s for a variety of practitioner groups. As they are granted, we will post these updates on the Academy site. While CEU’s are always great to have, our curriculum content is so unique that you will find the program to be an excellent value, regardless of the CEU’s.

11. I’m not sure which Holistic Cannabis Academy program path is best for me. How do I decide?
If you are already involved in some aspect of healthcare (we’ve listed many practitioner types on the Academy site as examples) then the holistic cannabis practitioner education path would be your ideal choice. If you are a patient, a caregiver, a canna-curious consumer, then the holistic cannabis consultant education path would be for you. If you fall somewhere in between (changing careers and wish to get into healthcare), just email us and we’re happy to help point you in the right direction.