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The classical use of medicinal cannabis hails from North India, where it is viewed through the energetic lens of vedas as opposed to the mass-centric Western perspective. Gain a deeper understanding of cannabis pharmacology, practical for clinical settings + client education, within the context of a comprehensive wellness system.

Prashanti de Jager
Yogi, Educator + Ethnopharmacologist

Just as the human body produces endocannabinoids, so does the cannabis plant produce phytocannabinoids. Explore the medicinal value of the primary phytocannabinoids – cannabidiol (CBD) and tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) – the primary psychoactive plant component. Separate fact from fiction concerning the remarkable healing powers of CBD. And, focus on how to best to guide clients regarding CBD:THC ratios to create personalized healing regimens.

Martin Lee
Director, Project CBD

An examination of the terpenoids, or terpenes, in the cannabis plant and their impact on health and wellness. Terpenes, a constituent that lends fragrance to lemons, lavender, and many plants, are responsible for the aroma of cannabis. In concert with cannabinoids, they deliver therapeutic benefits. Begin to appreciate the interplay or “entourage effect” of all that cannabis has to offer.

Jonathan Treasure, MNIMH, MCPP
Medical Herbalist

While cannabis is a plant with diverse phytochemicals that work synergistically, solvent extracts of cannabis or preparations made from these extracts high in active cannabinoids are also available. These preparations can be more similar to concentrated, single-entity pharmaceutical drugs. Explore how the two most studied cannabinoids – THC and CBD – are metabolized by and affect the body via different routes of administration.

Kate Welch, PharmD
Founder, Delta Nine Solutions

The future of healthcare is all about integration. An integrative approach to using food and herbs as a path to root-cause resolution constitutes the evolution of healthcare. Examine food plans for specific conditions complemented by cannabis for optimal health and wellness. Food and herbs are medicine!

Laura Lagano, MS, RDN, CDN
Integrative Clinical Nutritionist, Laura Lagano Nutrition

Experience an analysis of cannabis delivery systems and tools available in today’s marketplace – smoking, vaporizing, tinctures, oils, dabs, waxes, edibles, sprays, transdermal patches and topicals. An overview of absorption mechanisms, label requirements and consumption guidelines for individualized best outcomes for clients’ specific health and wellness needs.

Martha Montemayor, CNC
Founder, Healthy Choices Unlimited

Cannabis-infused food products – known as edibles or medibles – require prerequisites before purchasing and consuming. With no national standardized labeling laws, product label information varies. Learn how to interpret package labeling for potency and safety to insure for optimal choice and experience.

Julie Dooley
Founder, Julie’s Natural Edibles

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