Nine States Voting on Cannabis Regulations!

It’s about more than the Presidency!
Nine States Voting on Cannabis Regulations

Voting day is almost here, and voters in nine US states will visit the polls to voice their perspectives about an ancient plant known as cannabis. Is your state among them?

  • Arkansas, Florida, and North Dakota will cast votes to permit medical marijuana recommendations.
  • Montana will weigh the pros and cons of loosening regulations on its current medical cannabis laws.
  • Several states that already allow medical cannabis will decide about adult use, including Arizona, California, Maine, Massachusetts, and Nevada.

This chart from the Holistic Cannabis Network provides an overview of cannabis-related laws.



What Does This Mean for You + the Future of Cannabis?

In addition to Alaska, Oregon, Colorado and the District of Columbia who already permit adult cannabis, another five states may feature fully legalized, regulated, and taxed cannabis for adult residents.

And, along with the 25 states and DC that allow medical cannabis, another four may (if voted in) allow certain patients to use cannabis for specific conditions (depending on the state).

The following graphic from the New York Times illustrates just what’s at stake this election.


New Information = New-Found Determination.

A recent poll from Gallup indicates that that 60 percent of Americans support legalizing cannabis – the highest level of support recorded in 47 years. Particularly interesting is that favoring cannabis legislation is up among all age groups. Based on 2015 estimates, cannabis law reform results may impact about 82 million Americans.


“When Gallup first asked this question in 1969, 12% of Americans supported the legalization of marijuana use. In the late 1970s, support rose to 28% but began to retreat in the 1980s during the era of the “Just Say No” to drugs campaign. Support stayed in the 25% range through 1995, but increased to 31% in 2000 and has continued climbing since then.”

Graphic courtesy of Gallup


Is This the End of Cannaphobia as We Know it?

Could it be that cannaphobia is mitigating across the country? Will this sentiment combined with state legalization for a possible total of 29 states with medical marijuana laws – either medical, adult, or both – finally incite Congress to de-schedule cannabis?

Get Out the Vote + Help Change the World

Will you be doing your part to vote for progressive cannabis laws this year?  We sure hope so.  As an enlightened and enthusiastic supporter of the Holistic Cannabis Network and Holistic Cannabis Academy, we highly encourage you to join with us to keep the ground-swell of support for legalized cannabis moving in the right direction. Your vote will make a difference and every voice needs to be heard.  Casting your vote to legalize and let’s end the cannaphobia once and for all.

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