Practitioners Found: 12

Alicia Salazar, Integrative Health & Nutrition Coach

Alicia Salazar is a NY state board certified Integrative Health & Nutrition Coach as well as a Holistic Cannabis Practitioner. With her practice, Stay Balanced LLC, she supports her clients in implementing nutrition and lifestyle practices that can optimize the functioning of the endocannabinoid system, helping them to attain a more satisfying and healthy way of life.

Amy King

Amy is passionate about educating others on the medicinal uses of cannabis. She has extensively researched the historical use of cannabis, current scientific data of therapeutic applications and regularly attends educational cannabinoid conferences around the world,

Christine Morse-Souza, IIN graduate 2012 - Integrative Health Coach, AADP member

The HCA training has shown me that with deeper understanding of this amazing plant, cannabis, I can make it possible to help other folks who need real solutions. Starting a new career at the age of 66 will certainly be an exciting adventure!

Donna Shields, MS, RDN Cannabis Culinary Nutritionist

Donna Shields, registered dietitian nutritionist, has spent her career in food product development, as a cookbook author and nutrition spokesperson. Her experience is broad and wide, ranging from the US Army Medical Corp, faculty at the Culinary Institute of America and as a health communications expert at Fortune 100 companies. After successfully treating breast cancer with conventional and holistic treatments, she turned her attention to educating about the healing properties of cannabis. Based in the Boulder, CO area, Donna's culinary cannabis expertise shines through in all her work, including as a contributor to The Cannabis Kitchen Cookbook.

Donna Wade, Integrative Health Coach & Medical Marijuana Consultant

Donna has successfully completed all the requirements of the Holistic Cannabis Academy practitioner curriculum to now offer cannabis guidance locally in Florida or through long distance coaching services. Before entering into the cannabis industry, Donna’s career included almost 25 years in real estate; as the owner of a small residential brokerage in Denver, CO and then as an International real estate Consultant in the Riviera Maya of Mexico. She was very successful traveling the globe, marketing & selling residences, second homes and investment properties.

Heather Mackenzie D.PSc. Internal Environmentalist & Holistic Medical Cannabis Practitioner

Heather has been an evolving Integrative Clinician for the past 20+ years and has recently relocated to the beautiful East Kootenay region of British Columbia, Canada after having a practice in London, Ontario and before that in Tasmania, Australia. She believes that our Microbiome holds the key to true cellular healing and we must investigate our micro-environment, tissue ecosystem, epigentics, and be willing to address environmental and emotional stressors if we want to dis-create what we may have manifested into the physical.

IVORY Health Coaching & Consulting By Ric Tyler, MBA and INHC

To increase the overall value of the IIN curriculum, I wanted to become educated in the area of medical cannabis, since this is a revolutionary plant with a plethora of medicinal properties. All one has to do is search to see thousands of research documents about this plant. There are also many anecdotal testimonies regarding the therapeutic efficacy of cannabis, far too many to ignore. I attended the Holistic Cannabis Academy and received a Practitioners Certification for cannabis consulting and coaching in July 2017.

Laura Lagano, MS, RDN, CDN Integrative Clinical Nutritionist

Laura Lagano, integrative clinical nutritionist, boasts a long career in nutrition – counseling patients, developing curricula, and creating products. Recently, Laura took those skill sets to co-found an online cannabis education program about integrating cannabis with nutrition and other holistic modalities – the Holistic Cannabis Academy. Laura has witnessed first-hand the power of partnering cannabis to upregulate the endocannabinoid system for health and wellness. Laura provides counseling services for patients both in-person in her Hoboken, NJ home office, as well online. Connect with Laura to get to the root of your health issues. It’s all about personalized medicine at the cellular level!

Melanie Dillon, Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor

Melanie Dillon is a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor in IL, as well as a Certified Alcohol and other Drug Counselor and a Nationally Certified Counselor. After being in private practice since 1993, and cofounding a mind/body practice in 2012, she learned 'the real story' behind medical cannabis and hemp CBD.

Melissa Jackson, Medical Marijuana Practitioner

My name is Melissa Jackson and I’m a Maryland native. My passion has always been healthcare for the simple fact that I gain pleasure out of helping others. I have worked in direct patient care as a sonogragher (otherwise known as an ultrasound technician) for the past 10 years in various hospitals throughout the Washington, D.C. metro area. I now run a public health-based cannabis program in Maryland which will provide patients with a comprehensive pathway to becoming competent cannabis consumers.

Scott Brown, Clinical Functional Nutritionist & Holistic Cannabis Practitioner

Scott is the first Holistic Cannabis Practitioner outside of North America. Based in Australia, his career accomplishments include being a clinical functional nutritionist, a certified bio-energetics, and bio-informational health practitioner with NES Heath.