IVORY Health Coaching & Consulting By Ric Tyler, MBA and INHC

To increase the overall value of the IIN curriculum, I wanted to become educated in the area of medical cannabis, since this is a revolutionary plant with a plethora of medicinal properties. All one has to do is search pubmed.org to see thousands of research documents about this plant. There are also many anecdotal testimonies regarding the therapeutic efficacy of cannabis, far too many to ignore. I attended the Holistic Cannabis Academy and received a Practitioners Certification for cannabis consulting and coaching in July 2017. Based in Maryland.

I chose the Institute For Integrative Nutrition and the Holistic Cannabis Academy because they offered the most complete information available in the areas of complete health and wellness. I am 61 years old and currently workout 9 hours per work on strength, aerobic and breath-work. I can help you reach your health and fitness goals providing you’re ready to get to work and make some progress. 50 years of uninterrupted exercise experience. Spent 30 years as an Information Technology professional consulting around the United States and Canada. Retired to bring that experience along with updated information to the masses. INHC Certification.

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