Karin Clarke – Integrative Health and Cannabis Coach

Karin is certified Integrative Health and Cannabis Coach. She specializes in gut disorders, pain and sleep issues.  Lifestyle medicine in collaboration with traditional western medicine and the willingness of her clients is where she finds the most long – term results in health and wellness.  Balance and homeostasis in the body is the goal…with that comes joy, peace, health and wellness!  Karin worked as a licensed bodyworker for over 15 years while raising her son. During her years in corporate positions, she was an educator and public speaker on topics of compliance and sales training. She is active in raising awareness for Cannabis reform and overcoming the opioid epidemic by educating on alternative medicines. You can find Karin on a ski slope, climbing a mountain, cycling home from San Francisco or going for a run in the early morning.  She lives in the Los Angeles area and can be reached at KC@joyfulmindbody.com or visit her website at www.joyfulmindbody.com