Melanie Dillon, Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor

Melanie Dillon is a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor in IL, as well as a Certified Alcohol and other Drug Counselor and a Nationally Certified Counselor. After being in private practice since 1993, and cofounding a mind/body practice in 2012, she learned ‘the real story’ behind medical cannabis and hemp CBD. Life changed!! Inspired and at times infuriated, Melanie found a kindred spirit in Kalee Hooghkirk and together they co-founded Entourage Clinical Services, with the intent to bridge the gap between traditional health care and the medical cannabis community. As a practice management company Entourage is home to independent holistic practitioners who support medical cannabis and hemp based therapeutics. Melanie and Kalee also realized that patient education as well as educating health care professionals and community members was vital. Melanie proudly completed her HCA training and is applying the information with patients, practitioners and community members. ECS also provides hemp CBD products to patients, pets and wholesalers to support healing and overall wellness. With a commitment to education and advocacy, this woman owned practice intends to bring needed changes and options to healthcare as we know it, with patients being at the center of the Entourage.