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Integrating cannabis with other holistic modalities can improve health and wellness outcomes. Learn how acupuncture, aromatherapy, breath work, meditation, and yoga have a place in the holistic healing cannabis paradigm. Looking at cannabis through this integrative lens will make you think twice about how is cannabis is frequently assigned to the pharma/medical model.

Aromatherapy is all about the science of terpene, or terpenoids. Responsible for the sativa and indica-like effects of cannabis, terpenes are key components of plants as diverse as pine, mandarin, and clary sage. Expand your knowledge of plant medicine and learn how to integrate aromatherapy into your holistic practice.

Jessica Baker, Lac, Dipl OM, RH
Acupuncturist + Founder, Jade Dragon

The Whole-Body Breathing program is designed to help people tune-in to listen to their bodies. We walk, talk, and breathe ourselves into existence each day. Every breath counts. Learn how to transform breath into a healing tool. Practice creates presence!

Anna Coy
Founder, Inspiring Your Life

Yogic breathing, stretching, and meditation can all be enhanced with the appropriate use of cannabis. Learn how to use the plant for pain management, stress reduction, overall wellness, and spiritual enlightenment.

Dee Dussault
Certified Yoga Instructor

As an ancient healing art, Chinese medicine has been practiced continuously for over 5000 years. The subtle energetics of yin yang and meridian flow are vaguely known to many, but not tangible for practical application. Get familiar with the 8 principles and the 5 elements of Chinese herbalism to start on your Eastern medicine journey to incorporate into clinical practice.

Jessica Baker, Lac, Dipl OM, RH
Acupuncturist + Founder, Jade Dragon

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