Where to Get Your Cannabis Education

Choosing the right training program to launch your cannabis career is a super important decision. And it’s based on a number of different factors, just like any other educational investment you make. Luckily, a recent Forbes article has cut through some of the clutter and did the legwork for you. But still, everyone has to…

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Is Cannabis Coaching Really a Career?

Is Cannabis Coaching Really a Career main image

Life coach. Nutrition coach. Business coach. Spiritual coach. What’s next? Yes, cannabis coach. It’s real and it’s happening right now. If you’re already practicing in some aspect of healthcare…as a nurse, nutritionist, herbalist, massage therapist, nutrition coach, health coach…and looking for ways to expand your scope of service then cannabis coaching may be just the…

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Is it Safe to Travel with Cannabis?

Is it Safe to Travel with Cannabis blog post image

Is it Safe to Travel with Cannabis? Planning a getaway this July 4th holiday week and taking your cannabis along for the ride? Think again. Yes, folks do it all the time, but you should consider your tolerance for risk and the angst that goes along with it. Personally, I don’t venture into this world…

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Taking the Mystery Out of CBD

It’s a chaotic CBD marketplace with hundreds of products ranging from tinctures, capsules, topicals and infused foods and beverages. Consumers and professionals alike are confused about how and why to use CBD for chronic health problems and overall wellness. Bringing clarity to the situation is a new video, Demystifying CBD, produced by the Holistic Cannabis…

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Does CBD Have a Place in Exercise Programs?

While CBD is typically thought of as a therapeutic tool for insomnia, pain or anxiety, the value of CBD is expanding to the fitness world. A recent article, “Can CBD Improve Your Fitness Results?”, published in US News & World Report tackled this very question. The most important aspect of CBD for exercisers is its…

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Kicking Opioid Addiction to the Curb

Athletes for Care, Patients Out of Time & Holistic Cannabis Academy Team Up Check out this video produced by the Holistic Cannabis Academy (HCA) featuring Riley Cote of Athletes for Care (A4C) and Mary Lynn Mathre of  Patients Out of Time (POT) about how cannabis is saving lives. Patients Out of Time (POT), one of the original…

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