Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Holistic Cannabis Academy signature program?
Our signature program leads to a certificate of training as a Holistic Cannabis Practitioner after completing 31 modules & passing an online, 200 question multiple-choice exam. The program was designed for those actively involved in a health & wellness career, who are yearning to add cannabis consulting to their toolboxes.

May I enroll in the Holistic Cannabis Academy if I do not have a health professional designation?
Yes! If you have been working in the cannabis industry as a patient advocate, cannabis consultant, budtender, or other cannabis-related capacity, you may enroll in the program after you pass a 25-question multiple-choice exam to determine your level of competency.

Is there an option other than taking the full practitioner program?
Yes! We’ve bundled modules based on themes into six different curated packages for your convenience. That way, you can dip you toe into learning about medical marijuana. If you’re not certain where to start, contact us! 

How long does it take to finish the entire practitioner program?
The full 31-module signature practitioner program takes 4-5 months to complete. Modules are released to learners 1-2 per week. We have found that this is the best rate to optimize learning. Think of the program like a full semester graduate level class. Once a module is released, you have access to it forever. You can work at your own pace & take longer than 4-5 months to complete the course (unlike college!). You are not under a time constraint.

How long does it take to complete the curated packages?
The number of modules in the curated packages vary. Once you purchase a package, you will receive the modules in that package at one time. It is up to you to decide how long to take to complete the modules. The modules are yours to keep forever, so you are not under any time constraint.

Can the program be purchased or started at any time?
Yes, you can sign-up & begin at any time. We work on a rolling admission basis, so you can join us when your schedule allows. And, you can move through the modules when convenient for you.

May I enroll in the Holistic Cannabis Academy if my state does not feature marijuana legalization?
Absolutely! The Holistic Cannabis Academy is an education platform; we do not touch the plant. Education, regardless of topic, is available to every citizen regardless of state residency. With telemedicine sweeping the nation, counseling clients outside of your state is a great option. In fact, most current cannabis counselors offer services online. Even if telemedicine is not your thing, consider that both medical & adult (recreational) legislation is moving swiftly around the world. Get ready to counsel individuals around the globe! 

Is the Holistic Cannabis Academy available in Canada & outside the US?
Yes! Both the signature program & curated packages are available worldwide. The Holistic Cannabis Academy is a global organization! The online registration process is the same for all students, regardless of where you reside or work. 

What is the format of the program?
Modules in both the signature practitioner program & the curated packages are audio modules with accompanying PowerPoint slides. Modules range in length from 30-90 minutes, averaging 60 minutes each. The signature practitioner program also features four video interview modules with cannabis practitioners, consultants & advocates, hosted by co-founders Laura Lagano & Donna Shields.

Will we receive handouts or materials, in addition to the audio classes?
Yes! To extend your learning, you will receive links to key cannabis references to access online. You will also receive two hard copy cannabis compendiums by the American Herbal Pharmacopeia. And there’s more! Because we are a turnkey program, you will receive ready-to-distribute handouts for your clients. The Holistic Cannabis Academy makes integrating cannabis education into your practice easy!

How long do I have to complete all of the modules in the Holistic Cannabis Academy?
Whether you purchase our signature program or our curated packages, you may take as long as you wish like to complete the modules. Once released to you, the modules are yours to keep forever. It’s up to you & your schedule to decide when you’d like complete either the signature program or the curated packages. You are not under any time constraints.

Who are the faculty for the Holistic Cannabis Academy?
We are extremely proud of our faculty who include researchers, medical doctors, nurses, dietitians, herbalists, acupuncturists, yogis & more. We also feature cannabis advocates & health coaches who are already providing cannabis education to clients. These modules, which are in video format, are especially helpful in outlining the ROI – return on investment – for our signature practitioner program.

Will I receive a certification upon completion of the Holistic Cannabis Academy?
You will receive a certificate of training as a Holistic Cannabis Practitioner after you complete our signature practitioner program & pass the 200-question multiple-choice exam. You will also receive a badge to feature on your website or marketing materials.

How does Holistic Cannabis Academy differ from other programs?
Holistic Cannabis Academy differs from other medical marijuana trainings in several ways. In many other trainings, the focus is the theoretical, not the practical. We translate the theoretical into the practical by featuring faculty who integrate cannabis into holistic healthcare & are terrific educators! We want you to have both clinical & business success so we teach you how to implement your knowledge to help your clients & build your business.

Will I be able to start practicing as a Holistic Cannabis practitioner after completing signature program?
Holistic Cannabis Academy is not a licensing body. Licensing laws vary by state & country. If you can legally practice as a health coach or other health practitioner, Holistic Cannabis Academy is the best option for learning how to incorporate cannabis education into your practice. We continue to see graduates of Holistic Cannabis Academy enhance current practice & create new ones as a result of their new cannabis knowledge. Holistic Cannabis Academy provides you with the education, tools & confidence to fulfill your dreams of bringing medical marijuana to its rightful place in healthcare!

Will Holistic Cannabis Academy help me grow my business?
Holistic Cannabis Academy is the pivotal training for healthcare practitioners who want to grow their practices. Upon completion of our signature practitioner program & passing the exam, you will have the clinical skills to grow your business by referral. Remember, very few healthcare practitioners are proficient in cannabis counseling. By enrolling in our signature program, you will be an early adopter & likely the first in your community to offer cannabis counseling. Though we are not a business school, we teach you to grow your business the old-fashioned way – by doing great work that gets people talking & referring clients to your practice!

Are continuing education credits available for health professionals?
Yes! The Nutrition Therapy Association grants 24 continuing education (CE) units for the signature program. The Canadian Health Coach Alliance & the Canadian Association for Integrative Nutrition offer 30 CE units for the program. We are continually applying for CE credits from various practitioner organizations. As granted, we will post updates on our website. While healthcare practitioners require continuing education to maintain credentials, we believe that our curriculum content is so valuable that you may consider forgoing your CE requirement.

Is there a review module for the exam?
No. All of the modules serve as a review for the 200-question multiple-choice exam. 

Do I have to be 21 years or older to enroll in the Holistic Cannabis Academy?
No. There is no age requirement for enrolling in our program.

Are Holistic Cannabis Academy scholarships or payment options available?
Yes, payment options are available for our signature practitioner program only. Please refer to our tuition schedule for more information. Unfortunately, at this time we are not able to provide scholarships. We’re a two-person start-up!

What is the return policy?
No matter where you’re at right now, we guarantee that you will gain more knowledge, more confidence & more tools to serve more clients, providing the opportunity for referral from both satisfied patients & other healthcare practitioners. If, however, this does not happen for you, we will refund your money. Your request must be made via email within 30 days of your registration. Let us know what happened & ask for a refund.