Join us at the 2017 Women Grow Leadership Summit, February 1-3 in Denver, CO

Get ready to transform your cannabis career with a little help from your friends at the Holistic Cannabis Academy + Women Grow!

As cornerstone members of Women Grow – dedicated to creating an inclusive + fair cannabis industry – we’re excited to present, with two of our esteemed Holistic Cannabis Academy faculty, Holistic Blueprint for Women’s Heath: Cannabis, Nutrition + Aromatherapy on February 3 at the Curtis Hotel in Denver, Colorado. You’ll get the insights you need to successfully integrate cannabis into lifestyle for optimal women’s health. Reach and connect with health advocates who are on the frontlines, providing the end-consumer with cannabis education + advice.

The Holistic Cannabis Academy All-Star Panel Speaks Out!

Seldom do you find holistic health experts who also know cannabis therapeutics. But that’s exactly what we’ll deliver with this panel. Our content will provide direction for your personal health journey + practical insights for integrating into your cannabis business.

Donna Shields, Culinary Nutritionist

Holistic Cannabis Academy (HCA) co-founder Donna Shields, MS, RDN will chair the panel, guiding attendees about the importance of integrating cannabis into lifestyle and wellness. Most states take two views of cannabis – the pharma model, which only allows recommending cannabis when a patient has a diagnosis and is ill, often very ill. The other model lumps cannabis with alcohol, tobacco, and firearms because, well, that’s convenient for legislators + state economics. Wait, there’s another option – the plant-based medicine model!

Laura Lagano, Clinical Nutritionist

Rather than fitting a square peg into a round hole (ie: pharma + alcohol models), HCA co-founder Laura Lagano, MS, RDN, CDN sees cannabis as a healing plant, placing it solidly in the toolbox of all holistic-minded health practitioners for both disease treatment + health promotion. As an integrative clinical nutritionist practicing functional medicine, which is all about root-cause resolution, Laura will introduce you to how the effects of cannabis are impacted by food, nutrition + biochemistry. You will certainly look at what you eat with a different lens after meeting Laura!

Michele Ross, Neuroscientist

HCA faculty member and neuroscientist Michele Ross, PhD of IMAPCT Network will enlighten us about the role of cannabis for women’s health as it relates to mood + feminine energy. Imagine girl power combined with the power of an ancient female, healing plant!

Jessica Baker, Herbalist

Jessica Baker, LAc, RH will lend her expertise on the subject of aromatherapy, reminding us that cannabis is an herb with essential oils (aka: terpenes) such as beta-caryophyllene, pinene + linolool. Terpenes are integral to the medicinal benefits of cannabis, particularly integrated with nutrition + other lifestyle choices.

Register + Win!

Complete the HCA survey at our Women Grow Summit session and be entered to WIN a super large discount to our online, holistic cannabis training curriculum. The first winner will receive  50% off the full price of the Practitioner Program (for credentialed healthcare practitioners, value $3200) and the second winner will also enjoy a 50% discount for the Counselor Program (for patients, caregivers + canna curious individuals, value $1300). In addition to these two discounts for Holistic Cannabis Academy registrations, FIVE other winners will walk away with a free, signed copy of the Cannabis Kitchen Cookbook with recipes developed by HCA co-founder Donna Shields!  Our seven winners will be chosen immediately following our Holistic Blueprint for Women’s Heath: Cannabis, Nutrition + Aromatherapy panel on February 3rd at the Curtis Hotel.

Won’t You Join Us?

This yearly three-day conference affords people like you – women and men from around the world interested in advancing their careers though cannabis knowledge and expertise – the opportunity to get connected, educated + empowered. Downtown Denver, Colorado is the host city for this year’s three-day Women Grow Summit of talks, panels + social events that are sure to give you vital industry knowledge and personal connections as you advance your cannabis-industry career.

Discounted Tickets via HCA:

As a friend of the Holistic Cannabis Network and Holistic Cannabis Academy, you’re entitled to receive $153.00 OFF the General Admission price. This discounted admission for the 2017 Women Grow Summit offers you unlimited use!

Please use the following discount code when registering for the event: HOLISTICNETFRIENDS

Event Tickets:

Click into to secure your Women Grow Leadership Summit tickets here


All events will be held in downtown Denver. On Thursday, February 2nd, Lightning Talks will take place at the iconic Ellie Caulkins Opera House. Friday’s break-out sessions, which include the HCA panel Holistic Blueprint for Women’s Heath: Cannabis, Nutrition + Aromatherapy, will be held at the Curtis Hotel.

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