Donna Wade, Integrative Health Coach & Medical Marijuana Consultant

Donna has successfully completed all the requirements of the Holistic Cannabis Academy practitioner curriculum to now offer cannabis guidance locally in Florida or through long distance coaching services.

Before entering into the cannabis industry, Donna’s career included almost 25 years in real estate; as the owner of a small residential brokerage in Denver, CO and then as an International real estate Consultant in the Riviera Maya of Mexico. She was very successful traveling the globe, marketing & selling residences, second homes and investment properties.

A forced hiatus from life due to cancer in 2013 meant shelving the fast paced world of international real estate and that’s when cannabis entered her life. A combination of western medicine & eastern lifestyle modalities with cannabis being a major component of her whole health shift is what impelled her to make a career shift into the holistic world of health.

Today at 50 something, she is a Whole Health Coach & Medical Marijuana Consultant. Donna is a budding advocate for living a healthy, happy lifestyle. As a teacher of transformation & a master of habit change, Donna assists her clients to get out of their comfort zones and accomplish lasting results. Using personal life lessons to inspire others to get back on track emotionally, energetically & physically & live a health filled, balanced lifestyle.

Visit her website at or contact via email: [email protected]

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