The Use of Holistic Cannabis in Conscious Self-Care

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The Use of Holistic Cannabis in Conscious Self-Care

Laura Lagano to speak on My Real Life Radio Show, Tuesday September 6th

Holistic-minded practitioners and anyone ever touched by a chronic or debilitating disease will want to listen in on September 6th as Laura Lagano, MS, RDN, CDN speaks with Heart2Heart radio about the use of cannabis as a progressive therapy.

During this radio interview, Laura will cover various cannabis-related topics – the latest science, holistic cannabis landscape, medicinal plant properties, as well as her goal of creating a professional cannabis education, training + business-building platform for forward-thinking practitioners + caregivers.

Are you cannabis curious? Want to learn more about medical marijuana + its integration with other healing modalities? Tune in and learn more. Click in to Heart2Heart Healthy Living on Tuesday, September 6th The show starts at 6 pm EDT, 5 PM CDT, 3 pm PDT.

One of the original dietitians to break the alternative career wall, Laura Lagano has been a nutrition communications consultant since the early 80s following her Masters in nutrition education from TC, Columbia University. Dissatisfied with what allopathic healthcare had to offer, Laura followed the path set by Isabella her daughter with special needs, embarking on a learning quest that led her to myriad holistic modalities plus the Institute of Functional Medicine. Currently, Laura has a private practice focusing on gut, immune, adrenal, and brain health, which is all about root cause resolution. Continuing her commitment to progressive therapies, Laura is co-founder of the Holistic Cannabis Network & Academy – a cannabis education, training + business-building platform for holistic-minded practitioners about medical marijuana and its integration with other healing modalities.

Through the Holistic Cannabis Network, Laura + her co-founder Donna Shields, MS, RDN provide all interested parties with medical cannabis education via an engaging series of learning modules through the Holistic Cannabis Academy.

About the Holistic Cannabis Academy
The Holistic Cannabis Academy® (HCA) is an education, training + mentoring program founded by two registered dietitian nutritionists who have always been ahead of the curve. First, in food + nutrition communications before the field became saturated with media dietitians. Second, in culinary nutrition before the field was even invented. Third, in functional medicine, which remains an emerging area of practice. And now, in cannabis as medical marijuana leads the way in natural medicine.

Learn more about the Holistic Cannabis Academy.

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